Some time ago I started creating some artwork as a hobby because its great fun doing it, and because there simply is not any real artwork for these bootlegs. Well now there is, and its FREE for everybody as i do not ask any money for that (in respect to the original artists !!), just the recognition. So when you use my artwork, i have to ask you to not change anything. And a E-mail with some thanking words would be nice too :)

Here are some covers i created by using applications like Bryce, Poser and Photoshop. I always try to create artwork which is as close to professional artwork as possible. Much of the artwork i created with Bryce (my favorite application) will allways have elements wich will have a link with the bands original artwork (like the zeppelin for Transatlantic, and the Flowerking-statues for the Flowerkings albums). From time to time i check the internet for pictures of the concerts so i can add them to the artwork. Lately i have optained a closer contact with several photographers who did the pictures of those concerts, and am able to add high-resolution pictures to the covers. So when you have pictures in high-resolution of a concert, feel free to contact me.

Notice: Due to webspace problems i took the fullsize images from the server. But you can always ask me to email them to you.



Other Progressive-Symphonic Rockbands

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