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Nice of you to visit my website :) As i am a Computer Graphics Designer this website mainly contains artwork but for the people who are interested, here is some bio on me.

I moved in 2000 from Nieuwegein to Tilburg because of my job. I am a Graphics Designer/Carthographer/GIS operator. I work for the Dutch Department of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Control. Sinds summer 2004 i live happily together with my love Ludmila and her sweet daughter Katya. I got to know Ludmila by the internet, so finding a bride there worked for me. Meeting her family in the Ukraine teached me that Ukrainian people are joyfull and very friendly people who made me feel at home there. At the moment try to study a little bit of Russian from time to time as it would be great to be able to chat to them more easily. Dutch people learn at school to speak languages like Dutch, German, English and sometimes french. I studied Japanese from 1990 to 1993. and visited Japan in summer 1992.

My main interests:
Playing my Electric Guitar ( i own a Gibson Les Paul with a BOSS GT3 Guitar Effects Processor and a Marschall Amplifier), feel free to listen to a little example.
Listening to music, mainly Symphonic (progressive) Rock YES, Genesis, The Flower Kings, The Watch, Jazzrock (Allan Holdsworth), Classic Rock (Hendrix, Deep Purple, etc) but also Classic (Puccini, Chopin and Tshaikovsky)
Create artwork (images, movies) with my favorite 3D applications Cinema 4D and Bryce. As you can see on this website, I am a big Science Fiction fan.
On television i mainly watch Sports like Soccer, Tennis, F1 and A1 racing, SF like Raumpatrouille Orion, Battlestar Gallactica (old and new series), Startrek, Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis, etc. My favorite Sience Fiction series at the moment is the new series of Battlestar Galactica, as in this series SF finaly becomes mature. (many of the old series are a little childisch sometimes) and a lot of scientific programs on Discovery and National Geographic.

Lately, i am working with a group of Germans on a Raumpatrouille Orion fanfilm. From this German sciencefiction series from 1966 there are only 7 episodes. I wish there was more because this is still one of my favorite SF-series of alltime. So i started a projekt in creating a new episode myself. This projekt, started in summer 2008, is taking most of my spare free time, but i love it. And luckely as such a projekt would take way to long for one man to work at it, am am glad to have found several German Raumpatrouillefans to join the projekt. In 2008 i started building the Spacecruiser Orion in 3D with Cinema 4D. The most important parts are ready for movieproduction, and 2 computers here are rendering the images for the fanfilm. Wanting a Full HD movie as result some images take up to 14 hours per images ! And with 25 images for 1 second movie....But the result is equaly to the effort. In case you want to see some of it klick HERE.

Contact info:

e-mail: h.veenendaal@home.nl

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Skype: h.veenendaal@home.nl

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2005. My two sweeties, Katya and Ludmila 2005. My (Ukrainian) brother Vova and me
2006 Salzburg, Austria. Luda and me in front of the Mozarts house 2006 Salzburg, Austria. Katya and Luda on a walkbridge over the Salzach.
2007, a submerged marriage proposal :) 2007, all together submerged.
2007 Paris, France. Luda and Katya in front of the Notre Dame. 2007 Paris, France. Luda and me in front of the Arc 'de Triomf
2008 Lago di Predil, Italy, Luda and me 2008 Venice, Italy, Katya and bathing doves.

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